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Reopening, What we do

Reopening on 12th April?

If you’re reopening on 12th April, then you’ve already got plenty to think about like:

  • Stock levels
  • Best before, Use By, and Expiry dates
  • PPE for your staff
  • Covid-secure requirements
  • How customers are going to buy from you without touching anything
  • Staffing levels
  • Being back in the shop, factory, or office

And much more.

Marketing and promotional material

What about your marketing and promotional material?

Have you updated your:

  • Website content?
  • Signage?
  • Menus?
  • Brochures?
  • Flyers?
  • Processes and procedures?

Are you really ready for reopening on 12th April?

Are you sure?

Why not let somebody else help with the mundane tasks of making sure your website and printed materials:

  • Are up to date
  • Explain what you do
  • Tell customers how they can buy from you

Website pages 

Need help updating your website pages to explain how and why you’re different from your competitors?

We can help you improve your important pages like your:

  • About
  • Products and services
  • Contact Us

So your visitors can find what they need.

Blog posts

To some businesses, blog posts are a necessary evil:

  • You know the value of them in informing your target audience of things like what you do and how you do it
  • You can’t spare the resources to do them properly, or regularly enough to get a return on your investment

So you don’t do them as often as your should do.

But we can.

Tell us what you need from your blog posts, and we’ll do the rest.


Blog posts are ideal for sharing socially too, making them highly effective at getting your message across to your target audience, without them having to visit your website.

Instead of asking what people are doing/did at the weekend, you could have some useful content to share.


We can help write your blog posts, announcing your latest news, like:

  • You’re open for business
  • New products or services
  • How you’re doing business now

So that your potential and existing customers don’t forget about you.

This will save you time, enabling you to focus on the other areas of your business that need more of your attention at the moment.

What can your customers expect?

Perhaps you’ve had to significantly change your working practices ready for your reopening on the 12th April.

Maybe you:

  • Can’t have more than 3 visitors in your premises
  • Can’t go out to see clients
  • Have to limit the number of customers in your shop

You can use your website, and social media to explain how you’re doing business now, and what to expect from you.

We’ll help you make sure your website reflects this.

Returns procedures

You might have to completely change your returns procedures.

Maybe you’ll:

  • Take a hit financially on low-cost items rather than demand that customers return them
  • Take much longer to process a return due to fewer staff in your warehouse
  • Encourage customers to send items back to your supplier instead of retuning them to your shop

Payment methods

Perhaps you’ll increase or even decrease the number and types of payment methods you accept.


Perhaps you’ll prefer customers to buy online, so that you don’t have to have as many people in your shop, or so that they can pay for work done, without having to visit your office in person.

Click and collect

If you don’t have an e-commerce site, then perhaps you’ll make it easier for customers to find and buy products from your website, pay online, and then collect their order from your shop.

You might offer personal delivery too, if that reduces the risk to postal workers and delivery drivers

Contactless in store

With the increase in the contactless limit, more customers might be able to buy contactless, reducing the risk of touching keypads, and reducing the likelihood of paying cash.

Processes and procedures

Now you’re reopening, you might have introduced new ways of doing business, and new processes and procedures.

Working practices for staff are likely to have changed significantly, and perhaps you haven’t seen all of your staff at once at work for a long time.

If you need help formalising these processes and procedures, then let us help you, so you can get on with running the rest of your business.


  • Signs?
  • Posters?
  • Instructions?

Whatever message you need to convey, we can help.


Maybe you need help with determining new ways of reporting, whether to:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Make better use of technology
  • Avoid meetings in person

Tell us how we can help you explain progress or results quickly and easily.

Something else

Maybe you need something else before you reopen on 12th April.

We can help with:

Content writing

Content Reviewing

Content Strategy

Proposals and Tenders


Tell us how we can help you open quickly, safely and effectively.

What next?

Ready to talk about your content requirements? Contact us now at [email protected] or on 01704 529007 and tell us how we can help your content turn more readers into customers.

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