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10 Reasons to choose a pay-monthly website

Is a pay-monthly website right for you?

I was inspired to write this, following a recent blog article from our friends at Kitching.Ltd, talking about why WordPress might not be the right platform for your website, and that a pay-monthly website might make more sense.

I found it interesting, and compelling, and I think there are several reasons why a non-WordPress, pay-monthly website could be right for many small businesses.

Here are my thoughts on why and when you might want a bespoke, pay-monthly non-WordPress website.

1. You just need a website

I understand, not everyone cares about what goes on under the hood of their website.

You just:

  • Need a website and have little knowledge or interest in what’s involved
  • Want to get on with your job as a butcher, baker or candlestick maker
  • Don’t have time or inclination to learn about websites, and just want yours to work

When you’ve spent all day up a ladder painting, teaching yoga to children, in court, or making cakes, would you rather just relax or search for webs design tutorials, which are often out of date almost the moment they are published?

Thought so.

2. You won’t be updating your website much

Perhaps you just need a single page website with a brief description of what you do and your contact details on.

If your products, services or information won’t change very often, and you won’t be doing things like:

  • Writing blog posts
  • Adding more content
  • Updating time-sensitive information

Then you probably won’t need to update your website often.

3. You don’t need much functionality

Perhaps you won’t be selling things from your website, and don’t need things like:

  • An appointment booking system
  • An image gallery
  • Testimonials 
  • Case studies
  • Complicated forms

Your website might not be your primary source of leads or sales, and so you don’t want to devote a large proportion of your resources to your website.

4. You want someone else to manage it

You haven’t got the time or inclination for:

  • Updating plug-ins
  • Checking they all work properly
  • Troubleshooting any problems

You’d rather let somebody else do it.

That might include website security and backups too.

5. Your time is better spent elsewhere

If you know that you’re ‘not good with computers’, have no desire to get better, and just want things to work, then you’ll know that your time is better spent elsewhere in your business.

Maybe you’d rather make 100 sales calls than:

  • Wrestle with CSS
  • Learn the right way to do something in HTML
  • Add a form, gallery or additional functionality with PHP
  • Find a stock image
  • Speed up your website

Instead of spending time reluctantly learning how to do something, or trying several plug-ins to see which is best, or watching videos on how to do something specific, why not spend time chasing those late payments instead?

6. Free isn’t free

Whilst WordPress (and most other popular website platforms) are free, (or almost), there is often a cost involved.

This cost could be the time your spend:

  • Determining the right platform
  • Installing and setting it up
  • Finding the right font and colour scheme for your website
  • Browsing stock image galleries to get all the non-people/product images you need
  • Looking for plug-ins to add functionality
  • Reviewing website hosts to find the best compromise between price and performance
  • Finding a WordPress (or similar) designer and developer, to do everything for you

A small monthly fee will seem a wise investment after you’ve spent a few evenings looking for what you know you need, then finding out about what you didn’t know you need, then getting stuck.

7. Technical support

There will be times when your website doesn’t work as expected, whether it’s something you’ve done, something a visitor noticed, or something else.

You need to be able to get the problem identified and resolved quickly and easily.

Before you think that it’s “only your website”, remember that not everyone will find you by walking past your premises, or seeing your email address on your van.

You wouldn’t ignore a broken till in your shop, or a crackly telephone in your sales department, so don’t dismiss your website either.

If you’ve built your website yourself, then you might not know the cause of the problem or how to fix it, without going down a rabbit hole of technical jargon, or out-of-date blog posts.

Again, is this the best use of your time?

8. Experience

A web design company will know how to create what you want and need quicker than you can.

You might just want a website as a proof of concept, or a simple way of selling your products.

Your new website company will be able to give you the help and advice you need, and so you’ll have the capability you need, without paying for something you don’t need, or worse still, not having the capability you need.

9. One monthly cost

Perhaps the biggest reason is that you have a single monthly cost, that covers everything from hosting and technical support to backups.

Everything is taken care of, so you don’t have to do anything.

10. Peace of mind

With your website taken care of, you can get on with running your business.

Actually making money, instead of spending/wasting time learning how to make your website do what you want it to.

Actually fixing cars, painting houses, writing contracts, selling holidays, or whatever else you do.


If you know you need a website, but thought that learning WordPress or similar would be too daunting, or that you’ve got no idea what you want, then perhaps a pay-monthly website is right for you.

Also, when you’ve got your new website, speak to Write Again and see how we can help you with your content, to turn more visitors into customers.

What next?

Ready to talk about your content requirements? Contact us now at [email protected] or on 01704 529007 and tell us how we can help your content turn more readers into customers.


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