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Accreditation shows we take our responsibilities seriously

We’re investing in accreditation in a number of recognised business standards to demonstrate we want to help our clients and our business by:


We’re proud to be listed on ProCopywriters – the Alliance of Commercial Copywriters, which is the starting point for many companies and individuals looking for content and copywriters.

With a raft of features and benefits, as well as plenty of opportunities to learn from others, we’re helping our business as well as our clients’ businesses.

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We’re delighted to be members of the Professional Copywriters’ Network

Disability Confident Committed

We’re delighted to be awarded Disability Confident Committed status.

As a Disability Confident Committed Employer we have committed to:

Find out more about Disability Confident and what it could mean for your business, your clients, and your community.

Good Business Charter

We’re delighted to have achieved Good Business Charter accreditation.

See our Good Business Charter member listing,

Find out more about the Good Business Charter and what changes you need to make to ensure your business qualifies.

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We’re delighted to have achieved Good Business Charter accreditation

ISO 9001

We are working towards ISO 9001 certification to demonstrate that we have a suitable, internationally-recognised, effective quality management process in place.

ISO 9001 is one of the most well-known business accreditations, but until you’ve looked into it, like us, you might not know much about it.

Here’s what you need to know.

So, why have we chosen ISO 9001 certification?

There are many reasons, all of which enable us to help provide a better service to our clients, run our business more effectively, and be more productive.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

Improved customer satisfaction

Producing better work comes from a better understanding of client requirements and better planning.

This means improved customer satisfaction and more clients choose to work with us again.

Improved credibility and image

Having ISO 9001 demonstrates we are serious about our clients, and our business.

Clients like you are reassured that we have processes and procedures in place, and confident that we can produce the work they need, which leads to improved credibility and image.

Improved decision making

Using evidence-based decision-making means that we can dedicate resources to the right areas of the business at the right time. Improved decision-making is better than guessing.

Process of continuous improvement

Implementing a process of continuous improvement will mean our processes and organisation get better so we will be able to identify efficiencies and cost-savings, making our business more effective.

Win more business

Being ISO 9001 certified will mean that we can win more business, as it demonstrates that we have efficient and effective processes and procedures in place that ensure better work for clients.

Identify gaps in business processes

Being able to identify gaps in business processes will help us to fill them, and improve so that we remain an efficient and effective business.

Stand out from competitors

Obtaining recognised accreditation will help us stand out from our competitors and provide our potential and existing clients with additional reassurance, and further reason to choose us for their copywriting requirements.

Tender requirement

Having ISO 9001 is often a tender requirement.

Without this certification, we are immediately disqualified from many tenders, despite having the capability to provide the required work to the desired standard and timeframe.

B Corp Certification

We’ve started our B Corp Certification process, which involves assessing and improving our impact on our employees, our community, our clients, and suppliers, as well as the environment.

Working through our initial B Impact Assessment has shown that we are making good progress in some areas, in other areas we still have a long way to go.

What’s involved?

We’ve been through around 100 questions covering a wide range of business areas.

As well as the perhaps expected questions regarding business sector, turnover and number of staff, we’ve been asked about our:

And much more.

It’s a very involving questionnaire, and whilst it doesn’t take long, it requires a lot of thought.

For every “yes we do that” type answer, we might be required to upload a policy or framework in place or other demonstrable assets to prove it.

How do we compare?

Whilst it’s not fair for us to compare ourselves to multinational companies like BCorp advocates Patagonia or Ben and Jerry’s, perhaps with large manufacturing capabilities and thousands of employees, we already know that we need to create several policies, frameworks, and targets to ensure we are doing all we can.

We know we’ve got a long way to go, in terms of things like our commitment to our community, working with and employing under-represented people, and choosing our suppliers and clients carefully.

We seem to be doing well though, and even though we are a small company, we haven’t seen anything that goes against our ethos.

We’re looking forward to getting policies and framework in place to become a better company.

Is it worth it?

Whilst perhaps not the most well-known accreditation, it’s well worth having a look at B Corp Certification if you you know you should do business better, or you want to demonstrate that you already do business better.

This goes to show that as B Corp says, doing the right thing is also good for business.

Environmental accreditation

We are also looking at appropriate and suitable environmental management systems and qualifications to demonstrate that we take our environmental responsibilities seriously.

Currently, we think that ISO 14001 looks the most appropriate.

We’re looking forward to learning more about how we can be more environmentally aware, responsible and sustainable.

Additional accreditation

If there’s additional accreditation you think we should be looking at we’d be delighted to learn more.

What next?

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