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We don’t work to per word briefs

“We need a 400 words blog post/article on topic, and we’ll pay £0.02 per word”

Please don’t ask us to work to per word briefs –  it suggests that you see content as a cost, not as a value .*

By working to per word briefs we probably:

Here’s why.

Per word briefs sacrifice quality

“Producing good quality work takes time and effort”

We might spend an hour just:

Before we can write your content.

All for 2p per word for a 400-word blog post?


You take pride in the product or services you provide, and so do we.

Per word briefs encourages speed

“Getting paid £8 per 400 words is less than the minimum wage”

We’d be churning out many articles, blog posts, and pages of website content each day, and we would race through them just to make a living.

Working to per word briefs for less than the minimum wage would mean we:

Per word briefs are bought on cost

“If you’re paying by the word, in our experience, it’s likely you’re looking for the cheapest content, rather than the most appropriate content”

Whilst it’s perfectly fine to want the cheapest option for your business in some circumstances, in others it’s not.

Do you:


So why would you buy the cheapest content?

Value to your customers

“Rushed, incomplete, and the wrong type of content won’t provide value to your customers”

If the content we provide based on per word briefs, doesn’t meet your customer needs, then you’ll probably think that investing in content isn’t worth it.

If we’re rushing your content, we:


“Is your reputation important?”

Of course it is.

If we give you an £8 blog post, it’s likely that:

Will suffer.

Not ours.

We’ll be OK, and our reputation will be fine as our clients will remind themselves that they ‘get what they pay for’ with per word briefs.

They’ll vow to spend more time and effort the next time they want to invest in their content.

Are you surprised when:

So why would you be surprised if your cheap content wasn’t very good?


“If you provide us with per word briefs, and ask us for different versions of the same content, or content unrelated to what you do, we’ll always ask you why”

If you don’t know why you want this content, or how it fits in with your content strategy, then perhaps you don’t need it.

We get told that it’s:

Is the way you’d approach other areas of your business?

Have you ever said:


Thought not.

So don’t order your content in per word briefs.

*We see this as different to “We’ve been asked to contribute 500 words for a magazine article, can you help?”. 

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