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A content audit is a deep-dive into your website

Your content audit will provide an in-depth assessment of all areas of your website, and will uncover things like:

You’re too busy to keep your website up to date, and you don’t always remember to remove out of date content or make updates when you should do.

“I know a content audit is important but…”

…you’ve got more important things to do.


We understand.

In the same way it’s also essential to ensure your office is clean, that there’s milk in the fridge and the front door opens properly…

“But I already spend all day on our website…”

..Yes, doing things like:

So we reckon the last thing you’ll want to do is consciously read through each and every page and score it objectively.

Like you, we’d rather be doing what we do best than:

So why would you want to spend your time doing something that seemingly might immediately increase your revenue?

Here’s the thing

So we’ll find problems with the content on your website quicker than you will.

You get the idea.

Politics and egos

You’re also more invested in it, and there may well be politics and egos involved too.

We’ve certainly seen it before where:

You might know it’s wrong and that there is another way, but are afraid to speak up, or don’t want to upset anyone.

Don’t worry, we’re quite happy to explain what’s wrong and why.

“So what will a content audit tell us?”

We’ll go through the whole website or as many different types of pages as you need us to, and give you an objective opinion.

We’ll tell you:

And whether we’d buy from you.

Content audit true story 1

Many moons ago, whilst working for a web design agency, I carried out a content audit for a firm of solicitors.

It could just be that the images were on the wrong pages, or it could be that they were on the ‘right’ pages.

The impression I got was that this firm of solicitors wasn’t right for family law or business law.

Content audit true story 2

Another content audit saw me look at a company providing medical imaging equipment.

Unsurprisingly I knew nothing about medical imaging equipment before looking at the site.

But to my surprise, within a few minutes, I could clearly see what I would need to know in order to make a purchase.

I learnt which models were:

Despite the technical specifications, which were obviously necessary, I felt confident that I would make the right purchase if I needed to.

Even as a non-medical person, I wasn’t intimidated or made to feel foolish.

I was very impressed.

Your turn now

Even if you’ve never done a full content audit, when was the last time you looked at your:

Perhaps visitors will look at several pages on your website, see that there are mixed messages, confusing product description, and missing information, and decide to buy from your competitors.

You’ll learn what sort of first impression each page gives and whether it’s the right one for your business, products or services, and your customers.

We’ll identify what’s good, what’s missing, and what can be improved to help visitors find the information they need, whether it’s reassurance, technical details or just your opening hours.

What next?

Ready to talk about your content audit requirements?

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